Education Policy

The School runs on its policy that it should create the person, pure and refined in mind, who should grow like a large tree, and furnished with a healthy physics, superior intelligence and ample sensibility enough capable of contributing to the ideal that the nation should seek to build up a democratic and civilized country of its own, hence, by doing so, it should also contribute toward the the peace in the world and well-being among the mankind.

1. The Youth with a pure and refined Mind:

The School aims at providing each of the students with the honest disposition and single-minded attitude such that he would face the truth as it is, make a fair and unbiased judgment, and strive with his whole heart to be true to his belief. It also aims at providing him with the will and courage such that he would love an inborn good nature and justice of the people, expel unflinchingly the vice, and pursue whole-heartedly the truth.

2. The Man with Independency, ever-growing like a large Tree:

The School aims at providing each of the students the attitude such that he would identify the truth of the situations calmly as well as from as wider point of view as possible, and act and behave based on his own determination, internally not indulging in his mere casual ideas or being driven by his temporary emotions, whereas externally not being moved by irresponsible instigations and propagandas. This spirit of independency can be developed when backed by the consciousness of the liberty and responsibility, and stands for the student as a foundation on which he grows ever larger.

3. A person with an international Point of View:

The School aims at creating the fully world-oriented person who would think on an international point of view, having his own personality worthy of the fraternization and respect by the people of the world, and understand and esteem the stand points and cultures of the other people, hence contributing jointly with the others to the peace of the world and well-being among the mankind.