History of the School

April, 1954:
The school was institutionally established, followed by the Inauguration Ceremony celebrated on May 29, same year.
At the moment of the establishment, it had an Administration Office and two campuses.
Administration Office in Shimouma 3-35, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Takehaya Campus in Takehaya-chou 8, Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo
Setagaya Campus in Fukazawa-chou 2-41, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
The teaching corps consisted then of school's own 8 teachers, led by Mr. OHTSUKA, Minao, Director, and Mr. AZUMA, Kazuo, Vice-Director.
The number of the students in the first year of school's education activity was 208, male and female students being almost equal in number, being assigned to two classes in Takehaya and Setagaya Campuses each.
The school was furnished with a school flag and a school anthem. (For the text of the anthem, refer to the Japanese version hereof, which you will find written in Japanese characters.)
Shimouma Campus was opened in a part of the University campus in Shimouma, Setagaya, accomodating all of four classes of the first grader students.
Takehaya campus and Setagaya campus (then in Fukazawa) were closed, and all classes were integrated in Shimouma campus where the University functions had began to quit to its Koganei campus.
All of the University functions quit to Koganei.
The school had 900 students, 6 classes per grade, with school's own teaching corps of 32 teachers.
The school was provided with a swimming pool for its exclusive use. In this year the school had 1200 students, 8 classes per grade, with school's own teaching corps of 51 teachers.
The school accomodated for the first time Thai students as a part of its schooling program. From this year on, several Thai students have been accomodated every year in the school where they follow the school's regular curriculum which takes place in Japanese language.
The school began a program to assign a special quota accomodating 15 Japanese ex- expatriate students per grade.
The school was provided with a gymnasium (now called "Larger Gymnasium").
The school was provided with a library.