The Current Status of the School

Tokyo Gakugei University Senior High School
Shimouma 4-1-5, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (Postal Code: 154-0002)
Access Transportation from Shibuya to the School
Two alternative transportaion below are available.
Bus - Nozawa Junkan Line. 15 min. ride from Shibuya to a stop "Gakugei-dai Fuzoku Koukou" in front of the School.
Train - Tohkyu Toyoko Line. A ride to "Gakugei-daigaku" Station and then 18 min. on foot.
Number of the Students
984 students, with 8 classes per grade. (481 male and 503 female students)
Teaching corps
74 teachers (Japanese 10, Geography & History 7, Civics 2, Mathematics 10, Science 13, Health & Physical education 7, Art 6, English 11, Home-making 2,Information Studies 2, nurse teacher 4, Administration staff 7, Libraian 2)
An assistant to Science classes,a school counselor, 4 assistants to administration and a security guard are supporting the teaching corps .
Mr. ONO, Hiroshi
Vice- Principal
Mr. MIYAGI, Masaaki

Myoukou Schooling Center

The school has a schooling center in the mountain area of Myoukou.

The Center, with ca. 80 beds, is an wooden-structured two-story chalet, having a gymnasium, an archery yard and an astronomical observation equipment, and is located close to the local ski pists.

The Center is now being used as a venue for School's summer excursions, winter ski classes and students' autonomous club activities.

6392-5 in Ouaza Sekiyama, Myoukou-shi, Niigata (Postal Code 949-2235)
Mr. KATOU, Keisei (Tel:0255−82−2325, Fax:0255−82−3146)